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Vanguard Finger Tape

Athletic tape, officially made by Monkey Tape. Best in class athletic tape for hands and feet.

Tape color is OD Army Green and was produced by the same lot that was made to support both REORG, WEDEFY charities in conjunction with UACTP. The purpose of offering this tape is to bring additional awareness to the REORG and WEDEFY charities and they great work they do within the US and UK armed forces veteran community. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of this product will go to these organizations. 

This tin comes with (2) rolls of 0.3" wide tape perfect for smaller digits (toes and fingers) as well as (2) rolls of 0.5" wide tape perfect for larger digits (big fingers and toes). The tin is used to protect the tape and keep things from getting messy.

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OD Green